Jan 072012

Nikon announced their new professional camera to replace the D3s!

I shoot with D3s’s!

What to do???????

Can it get any better than the D3s?  I have reading reviews, blogs, news releases almost all night.   It was like reading The Hunt for Red October for the first time.   Couldn’t stop reading about the new Nikon D4.  Replacing the D3s?  It is an incredible camera (the D3s).  I have enjoyed the benefits of this incredible camera.  Just last week I was up most the night so I left sub-morning light and went out to the FBWR for some quiet time.  With just very little day light I captured this shot….

I remind you that this shot of the hawk was taken before sunrise.  I was the only photographer out that morning.  Canon shooters arrive a little later.  Kinda kidding.   The duck hunters were out in kill mode.  I was in take home a pic mode. The photo is surely soft and has considerable noise.  In this case it adds to the surreal nature of the pre-sunrise shot.  The ISO was at 6400.  Yikes.  And with only this much noise?  INCREDIBLE.

The D4 looks to be even better.  Hard to believe.  Nikon has thought this one over.  Full HD video, EXPEED 3 sensor, 91,000 color pixel sensor, 10 frames a second shooting, ISO to 203,000, mike input and earphones output, 16 MP and on and on!!!!!!

Guess I will be heading to Pictureline this morning to put my name on the list.

I am selling one of my D3s’s.  Only one though…….

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