Jan 112012

My travels took me to the Reno, Nevada area today.

Spent the day in the rental car and walking a few projects.  And taking a couple of photo’s.

When I travel I carry one bag full of gear.  Two camera bodies and 6-8 lenses ranging from a fish eye up to a 70-200.  No long lenses.  I especially don’t bring long lenses on days like today when I know that during daylight hours I will pushing to get things done.  But my eyes are always wandering.  In Minden, Nevada is this old station.   It was cool that the dispensers are right up to the edge of the road.  Things have changed a little. I wish I could have found the owner to thank him for saving the old classic station.

Genoa, Nevada is the first settlement in Nevada.  This small quiet town sits at the base of the mountains west of the Carson, Minden Valley.   I took the back route back to Reno through Genoa today.  When passing through town this time of year I can count on seeing the Deer family.  Every trip through Genoa has provided me with a little camera time with this particular buck.  Last year I photographed him within one block of where I saw him today.  Not the best shot.  But hey its big game…..haven’t pointed the camera at one for a while.

While I was blazing across highway 50 I couldn’t help noticing that the hawk population was out in force.  As usual they where near the roads edge and not practical to stop and photograph.  Amazingly while at a quick stop to get some string cheese and water a hawk landed in an old dead tree next to the property.  A couple of quick jumps to the car and I was back to capture the hawk with pixels.  Five or six frames later he was gone.  Had to push the cropping a little to hide some unwanted human fixtures……

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