Jan 142012

Out at FBWR again today.

Yes it’s Saturday but I had to drive north to measure a store.  Flying out Monday and won’t have time next week.  Driving north almost always means a stop to visit my winter flying critter friends.

Today it was Mallards and a Northern Pintail.  Beautiful birds.  Extremely colorful.  I guess prized by the guys carrying the shot guns.  The ducks do not look tasty to me.  In fact long ago I tasted duck.  Yuck!  Never again.  Besides I am getting into the watch, photograph and enjoy the ducks alive and moving rather than on the grill.

I was moved again to push the post process a wee bit.  All the shots were ran thru the Topaz filter then erased back about 37% just on the ducks…..

This Northern Pintail has a broken or damaged leg.  Hope he makes it.  I really think these guys are beautiful.

After I sat there a while they got a little used to me and took a nap.


Not too often do I get to photograph a bird flying right at me.   But when I do I dig it!

All shots with Nikon D3s, 600mm lens and 1.7x converter.

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