Jan 152012

Only had about an hour after spending time with Mom today.

Probably the most productive shooting in the last while.  Captured a female Norther Harrier devouring a duck, another White Faced Ibis (still here?), and a perched American Kestral.  All but the duck dinner filtered through Topaz’s “Buzsim” filter and subject erased back.  The duck plucking by the Harrier had to be done in video.  No critics please……

Hawk Eat Duck

What a nervous nelly.  But man can she pluck a bird.  I watched as she ate most the bird in 5 minutes or less.  I thought she was was pretty well camouflaged….

Soon a crowd was gathering.  The big lens I use usually draws a crowd.  And as usual one admirer got out of her car to get closer with her point and shoot and off the Harrier flew……

Add to photographic surprise a White Faced Ibis flew right across i front of me right where the Harrior had been.  I am blown away by two things.  One that they are still here this winter.  Have only seen one.  And two how beautiful Ibis are.  Unbelievable!

As I was leaving my always present American Kestal.  Took this one as more of an “arsty fartsy” shot…..

All in all a very short visit at FBWR.  Didn’t even make it to the back gate.  It was fun!

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