Jan 212012

I am constantly trying to better my photography.

And some accuse me of just having toys.

If I was a professional photographer the so called toys would be tools.  I think of them as tools of the trade.  And amateur trade mind you.  Several weeks ago I bought a Cintiq by Wacom.  I am not a graphic artist.  Barely a photographer.  I have always wanted to purchase this tool.  Digital processing at it’s best and closest.

The photo editing can be done right on the screen.  I put the unit together today.  I am blown away.  To get right in close and see the detail is amazing.  The short cut keys cut processing time.  I had to pull a a most recent file and play a little.  No copying, inserting, masking or the like.  A little sharpening, vignette and dodging.  Viewing on the internet does not do this particular shot justice.  On the Cintiq and on to the print-BEAUTIFUL!

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