Jan 212012

Resting a lot today.

And have a new tool.

I have been going back and deleting files that are substandard, out of focus or too clutter y (what the heck the “y” keeps falling off when spell checked).  It’s been real fun.  Haven’t had this much fun with no stress or tasks attached for a long time.  With the new Cintiq I tried a technique that I have always liked.  I will filter a color photo through Silver Efex Pro2 then back out some of the color.  With the Cintiq I can be exact.  The final in print form is nice.

In the past the Wacom tablet performed well but not this exact.  I zoomed in 200% and finished the edge all around the Egret.

At some point I will be in trouble for spending a good 4-5 hours in the Man Cave playing with pic’s.  It really has been wonderful!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Passed you on your way out to FBR last night…was looking forward to some new pics. Jealous for sure of the cintiq…looks like tons of fun.

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