Jan 232012

Yesterday between time with Mom, church and more time with Mom I sneaked out to FBWR.

It had snowed the day before.  The sun was out in full glory and the snow made for some great “bottoms up” lighting.  Of course I connected with my friend the Female Northern Harrier that I have been watching for some time now.  And boy did she perform…..

It doesn’t get any better when she flies low with the light reflecting of the snow.  Wow!

She would fly from a perch atop a man made birds nest over to a particular spot.  Like there was something there.  Then suddenly she would turn back and go back to the perch.  She did this a couple of times.

After the second flight she flew to a tree closer to where she was investigating.  It really cracked me up.  She was in the middle of small twigs.  Tangled up somewhat.  And the branch was swaying back and forth.  It was hilariousness!  In the end she did not make and a catch and flew off to a new perch.

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