Jan 272012

Tomorrow is my Aunt “Z’s” funeral.

She has graduated!

My Mom’s sisters are and were all beautiful, full of life and excitement.  Tomorrow will be a good day to celebrate her graduation and see my cousins.

I’m reminded of my other Aunt that lived in Woodruff, Utah.  When I was about ten years old I got to live in Woodruff with my cousin Billy and his gazzillion sisters.  We had a blast.  My fondest memory was guarding the hay stacks from rabbits.  I dare say Billy and I were the best guards in the valley.  No rabbit got away or came close to the hay stacks.  Very recently I passed through the Woodruff Valley.  It’s part of the route to my lake house.  For 40+ years I have visited this valley.  This day the skies and the valley took me back to those warm days with Billy…….

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