Feb 112012

The big decision before the Disney Trip….

What camera equipment to take?  I thought I would be spending a lot of time on rides.  Not taking pictures.  My first gut reaction was to take my very nice Nikon point and shoot that has HD video.  Small and easy to carry.  Almost took the point and shoot.  I have hauled my D3s’s all over the world and at times got tired carrying the camera with a nice heavy lens attached.   Then I started thinking about the rides at Disneyland.  Several rides are indoors in very low light.  Better take the D3s.

I found my ISO at 120,000 a lot.  In fact I was amazed at what the D3s was capturing.  Some subjects light was so low I could barely see the subject.  If the subject was moving it was almost impossible to get in focus.   The outcome was incredible.  Sure I don’t have pics I can push to mural size.  But I have a pretty darn good record of our trip that in no way I could have gotten with any other camera.

It makes me even more curious as to how the new F4 will perform.  I have loved my D3s’s and always amazed what they can do.  This trip was even a little over top for me and the Camera.

All the following shots are at ISO 120,000.



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