Feb 152012

It is the one we dream about.

When times are tough I step out and put the camera to my eye.  Takes me away from pain and anxiety.  There is something very therapeutic about watching and photographing the wildlife we are so blessed to be surrounded by.   Lately life seems a little too full.  I am truly blessed.  Hate complaining.  Thank goodness I have this passion/hobby.  I am not sure what I would do without it.

A photographers dream as I have mentioned before is to get a particular shot.  A tack sharp photo of wolves fighting over a carcass.    Or that familiar photo of the bald eagle just as it’s huge talons  are snatching a fish from the waters.  The dream we have is sometimes a shot we have seen captured by others that we want to capture ourselves.  In my case one shot in particular is a hawk flying right at me tack sharp eyes. Wings fully expanded.  Proof of flight.  With my one bad eye and the dependence on the auto focus technology my luck has been cut short more than often.  True luck is to be lucky enough to be in a position to have a hawk fly direct at you. Not a domesticated hunter. The real deal.  A wild hawk.  Out in the wild.  Typically they will fly away or at least fly right or left of camera position.

For some reason with a pile of personal bad luck this past while I lucked out today with “spot”.   Spot is a young female Northern Harrier Hawk I have posted about before.  Today she seemed to know my mental state and gave me a break.  She has a few perches at FBWR that she can be found on (if you know where they are).   Drove right to one of them.  The perch about 60 yards from the dike and gives her a little personal space.  About the time I got my camera on my window mount she took off.  Right at me!!!!  The first couple of clicks were slightly out of focus.  The third shot was right on.  I about cried when she appeared on my screen at home.  May be fate.  Maybe a coincidence.  I think she had a sense that I needed a boost and gave me the chance to capture her.. at her very best!!!!!!

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