Feb 162012

How many times have you been driving down a road and Quail run or fly across the street in front of you?

It happens to me often.  Must be in my car a lot.

Most of the time I have my camera with me.  Sometimes even the big guns.  This day about two weeks ago I crossed paths with the Quail.  And had all my gear!  What I photographed was whimsical and weird at the same time.  So here is the Gambel’s Quail I saw and photographed.  This is the male……


I am sorry but the thing on his head cracks me up.  Some of the male species in the animal world have to be a little embarrassed.    My bird handbook says these Quail like to take dust baths.   Helps with bugs, etc.


Wow.  A bit crazy.  Had a hard time keeping the camera and lens steady I was laughing so hard.

The male got down into the small impression and watched.  Didn’t really make much sense of it all.  The female getting all down and dirty and the male just sat and watched.  And another looked on.  I really wish I could read Quail minds.  What the heck?


Watch some of their crazy antics here.

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