Mar 112012

Yesterday I blew into SLC and captured a few places of Worship.

Today is a special day for a friend that is stepping up and making a religious commitment.  Kind of declaring them-self  a Christian.  A big day and a happy day for this individual.  Made me think about all the religions on the earth today.  Here in Utah there is a prominent religion.  But also many, many other beliefs.  We are pretty diversified.  We seem to get along and respect each other for our own beliefs.  I may be naive.  But I don’t think so.  My friendships are not determined by an individuals religious faith.  Rather it is their conviction towards their own personal beliefs.   The individual that took that giant leap has conviction.  Conviction toward their family, friends, career and now their religion.  I am proud and excited.

How does this relate to photography?  I spent less than an hour and within 1 mile of each other photographed these Places of Worship.  They are all 5-9 shot HDR images.  Ran through a grunge topaz filter to create a little bit of artsy fartsy feel to each one.  I know they are a little over the top!  But hey!  I had fun tonight in post!!!!!!






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  1. Dad, those are amazing! Of course I love the last one, but the first church is soooo cool! Awesome job! 🙂 I like the artsy fartsy ones. 😉

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