Apr 132012

I love Black and White photo’s.  And like anybody that has followed the history of black and white photography I followed and studied Ansel Adams.  The king of B&W.  The inventor of the Zone System.  Many nights were spent in my dark room trying to emulate the process established by Ansel.  Few have even got close to what he produced.  Recently I had a brief interaction with an individual that is as close as it gets to Ansel’s work.  She is well known and her work has been compared to Ansel’s work.   To see her incredible work go here.    She is very gracious yet confident.  Yet another incredible person that creates beautiful images with a passion that I share.

This shot was taken recently on my hike in Kolob Canyon.  Not to the level of Ms. Guilds.  Just want to share my passion also.

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  1. I love it Dad! Awesome! 🙂

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