Apr 232012

About a block from the Hotel where I stay in Las Vegas is a Casino.  In Las Vegas really?  This one is in Henderson and away from the strip.  Ever wondered why they call it the strip?  I have a few ideas.  Anyway had just landed and turn the corner to go to the Hotel and saw this potential pic.   Nothing Really.  A casino, some palm trees, and some clouds.  But it caught my eye.  That’s what photography is all about to me looking for “that” shot.  This one in particular had some neat elements.  Cool architecture.  A pattern made by a row of palm trees.  And the clouds that give contrast and depth to a photograph.   Though this shot is really nothing.  In the end it was pleasing to me.    In the end I am the hardest one to please.

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  1. I have looked at this myself thinking it was a neat building. Now I will look at it completely different. Your views of the same thing are so beautiful. You have a very special talent.

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