May 102012

Winona, Minnesota

“Faith-filled and dedicated Polish immigrants who settled in Winona in the middle of the 19th century planted the seeds for would become the present Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka.  When their original frame building could no longer accommodate  a rapid;y swelling membership, the pioneers’ vision and strong sense of stewardship led them to erect a church which has endured into the 21st century.  Dedicated in 1895, the Romanesque-style structure is built in the form of a Greek cross”

This statement, I found on the cover of an information sheet at the Basilica.

Driving along the Mississippi I passed several small communities.  Each had a common visual element as I passed  each one.  A spire with a Cross at the top rising above the trees.  In most cases the tallest structure seen from the highway.  When passing Winona this Basilica stood out.  From the highway about a mile away.   Had to get back and see.  I am intrigued by the structural elements and the history of the construction of these old buildings.  Especially places of worship.  The labor may have been donated. As well as materials.   People sacrificed to erect beautiful edifices like this one.  I always ask permission to photograph these type of places of Worship.  To the people there they are sacred and holy.  I would never want to be disrespectful to the building or it’s congregation.  Here I met the Pastoral Associate and had a wonderful conversation with her.  Learned a little about the history and the people.  She mentioned at times that a mass or funeral the choir may sing in Polish.  As I spoke to her I imagined the choir at the back of the circular Basilica high above the congregation singing in praise to their God.  The congregation and the community must have  great pride in this facility.   It is unique and striking in its beauty……



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  1. Wow dad, that is beautiful!!

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