May 272012

Found this Ivy on a building in SLC.  Nothing special.  Loved the shapes, textures and colors.  Especially the detail.  I shot this with the D800.  Yowza!  I am amazed every time I get on the computer after shooting with this Camera.  It’s incredible.  Not a wildlife camera, a sports camera, but a great still life, portrait and scenery camera.  This shots are handheld.  As I am getting older and my body is falling apart I have to rely on tripods, window mounts etc.   That adds to the fact that it is so sharp even with shaky Sam here……

Both photographs shot at ISO 100, 1/125 @ f/5.6, -33 EV.  No post work done on photographs.

On a personal note I read blogs everyday of great photographers.  It seems that a lot of them “brag” or make note of all their handholding shots.  I know there are a plethora of times when a tripod is difficult or impossible.   But I will never forget what one of the greatest photographers that has ever lived said to me face to face – “nothing is better for a sharp image than a camera on a stable tripod” Ansel Adams.  Yes he was carrying around behemoths that required a tripod.  But this was much later.  He said this when he was shooting a lot with smaller formats that 8×10.  He had mentioned earlier that the question he is asked most was how his shots with the smaller format cameras were so sharp.  And he always replied about the use of a tripod.


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