May 312012

Today I went under the “knife”.  Hopefully very soon I can breath through my nose like the old days.

Yesterday I went back in history at Virginia City, Nevada to when most medical procedures probably included some whiskey or other strong spirits.  Today at 6:30 am I entered a surgical center and was home at around 10:00 am after having my sinus’s torn to smithereens.  Believe me I feel as though I am having a blood transfusion through my nose.  Little pain and no PANIC or ANXIETY.  Glad I was born in these times of incredible medical advances.

The photo opportunities in Virginia City are endless.  I had an hour and a half yesterday to enjoy camera time in Virginia City;

What first caught my attention was “Iskey”  I am sure Iskey and his mule was a plant for the benefit of tourists. Iskey is for real.  He talks, looks and smells the part.


The buildings have not changed much in over 100 years.  From the wood planked sidewalks to the window frames everything feels like an old west mining town.



At one end of Main Street sat a 1937 Graham Automobile.  It is in pretty darn great shape.  I was on my way back to Reno. Probably blew it and didn’t get a shot of the whole car.  There was a dumpster on one side and a trashed new truck on the other side .  So I tell myself a great shot of the whole car may not have been a good thing.  Loved the hood ornament and the grill!


All shots with Nikon D800, 28-300 f3.5-5.6 lens.

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