Jun 032012

Main street in Bountiful, Utah is taking on a bit of a new life.  New buildings, apartments, retail space, and a brand new bank.   Looks nice from the road.  Look close.  Especially at the drinking fountains……

Yikes!  Not sure I will drink out of these anytime too soon.

A couple of weeks ago a sidewalk chalk-art festival was held.   Seen it before.  Some real talent is put onto the sidewalks.  I found that if I go back at least a week later and maybe even one rainstorm later the chalk-art is surreal.  I walked it today and photographed many art pieces.  And as I expected it was beautiful.  I like it better in the worn state than fresh and new…

This one is my favorite.  It is right in front of the Post Office on Main Street.


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