Jun 062012

I really, really miss my time with big game.

I hope to get up to Yellowstone, Glacier or somewhere soon where I can get out and find the big critters!!!!!

Tonight I practiced panning on Terns, panning on Harrier Hawks, angle of view with shore birds, etc., etc.

And then I followed around a particular Killdeer.  Man they are fun to watch.  They always move in hyper speed.  Walking and flying.  Tonight I realized I have never really captured a Killdeer eating.  Usually what they are ingesting is so small I haven’t noticed what it is.  Very small bugs, critters, etc. I would suspect.  I lucked out again when I noticed this guy tugging at the yellow/green moss.  He really was putting all his muscle into this snack.  Eventually up through the moss popped this….BUG?  Not sure what it is (was). I’m sure it was like the full buffet all in one package.  King sized!    It sure was fun to capture and record one of these cute birds dining!

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  1. Cool! I’m getting beetle larva or something like that.

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