Jun 102012

What does a 19 hour old baby see?

What does he feel, or smell?

He is helpless.  Without doctors, nurses, extended family, grammy, pappa, and most importantly his Mom and Dad he would not survive.  Is his tiny little brain as clean and pure as we might expect?  Does he have a “few” remnants of a pre-earth life in there?    When those teeny weenie eyes peer open for just a second I am sure its all blurry and very bright.  CBB is not 24 hours old yet.  When I saw him again tonight, swelling down, just a tiny bit more comfortable out of the womb he had just been fed from Mom’s best gift to him.  God’s secret potion for newborns..Colostrum. He can only get it from his MOM.  It’s the start of “that” bond between mother and child.  So I held little CBB.  We had a talk.  Yes we did.  He opened his eyes to express his trust to me that he was listening.  Though his mother is holding him in this photograph he is still trained on me ……

There is no way to describe what I feel when I witness my daughter hold, sniffing and kissing her first Son!  She has waited literally all her life to create and nurture this miracle.  The world stopped for a few seconds tonight.  I had no worries for my grandson, his mom or his dad.  Because right then they were engulfed in one of Gods greatest gifts and miracles to us.  And wow you can see it in his moms and dads eyes and little CBB’s demeanor.  He knows what his mother smells like now.  She is his sole source of nutrition and motherly love.  There is no greater love on earth than that of a mother for their child.  My daughter without doubt will give 100% of every fiber of her being to her son’s welfare.  She has prepared her life for today, tomorrow and beyond.  She is ready!  And she is well prepared!


Then there is his Dad!  This one is special.  I have the best son-in-laws out there!  Ben loves my daughter, treats her like a queen.  He’s known for his integrity and high standards.  His virtues are near flawless.  He’s not perfect though.  None of us are.  At least his parents dig deep to come up with some stories about he stripped some leaves off a bush once or some horrible thing like that.  Dang juvenile!  Good thing his parents don’t know my past. They might avoid any public appearances with me.    This little angel is Ben’s first also.  This new little boy in their life reinforces that Ben and my daughter are a team for Eternity.  I’ve often wondered how Ben would be with a brand new son.  Well like most other things in his life …it’s natural.   I can however see a different gleam in his eye.  Last night he witnessed the miracle of birth.  It was pretty darn tough physically for my daughter.  A couple of scary moments.  I know that Ben’s faith gave him the stamina and courage to stand strong and support my daughter.   There is absolutely no comparison of what the dad experiences at birth to what the  mother experiences.  It is extremely emotionally draining to watch your wife suffer and endure through child birth.  Tonight though drained when his son was handed to Ben his whole countenance changed.  He is now a Father!  And he is ready…

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  7 Responses to “Unconditional Love”

  1. I must say that is the best post I have ever seen.

  2. Seriously balling my eyes out!!! This is amazing dad! Thank you so much for the amazing words. I know he
    Loves his pappa!! 🙂

  3. What amazing pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. We are blessed to have Mandy and the Child’s family in our lives. Grateful for the enrichment you all bring. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    • We sure think the Burton Family is amazing. Thank you for being so good to my sister-she loves and appreciates you so much!

  4. Jim, the beautiful intuitive nature of your sensitive words can only be surpassed by the perfect truth of your exquisite photographs, which capture the purity and wonder of that most distinguished and incomparable moment in the life of a human being, creating new life. On a personal basis, I just want to tell you that each time I have the opportunity to experience your wonderful creative talent, it increases my respect for you and reminds me why I love working with you so much.

  5. My name is Heidi Robb, a friend of Mandy and Ben’s. I think this is the most touching thing written about little CBB and his parents. I love the point of view you just gave us! Thank you for taking the time to write about your sweet grand baby and his wonderful parents!

  6. Amazing post Dad. CBB is a special boy, I’m so excited to have him as my nephew!

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