Jun 082012

Right now at this very minute I am sitting in a Maternity floor waiting room at the Hospital.

My middle child is having her first.  Not here yet.  But they say as soon as an hour and maybe a few hours.  This beautiful woman has wanted a real child as long as I remember.  Even as a teenager she was begging folks to babysit.  And asking me why she couldn’t have her own.  Waiting for the perfect man took some time.  She will be 30 in a few months.  And this little angel, her son is coming non too soon.  My eyes are wet as I write this blog with deep gratitude that she has fulfilled her dream thus far.  Nothing is ever easy for her.  Between endometriosis and other problems she is always tested.  But like my other daughter complaints are limited to extreme cases.  Like all three of my children I love her dearly.  I look forward to her snuggling her son.  Watching that bond between a Mother and a child that we men will never, ever relate to.

Ironically when I received the call tonight from her husband that she was ready (finally) to actually start the birthing process, I was photographing a brand new born Pronghorn at Antelope Island. Watching the mother pronghorn clean the newborn and nurse it took my thoughts  to my daughter.  Then the call came…..speeding?  Me Speed?  No way!!!!




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Jun 072012

I day dream of shots that I will probably never get.  You know the ones you see in the Nature and top photography magazines!

Theere are photographs of Terns out there that are unbelievable.  In reality my goal is always to get that type of shot.  This particular photograph I really like.  The background is nice.  The background color and texture works for me.  The Tern?  Well it’s not perfect.  I will however file it under favorites…….

Nikon D4, ISO 400, 600mm lens, f/4 @ 1/3

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Jun 062012

I really, really miss my time with big game.

I hope to get up to Yellowstone, Glacier or somewhere soon where I can get out and find the big critters!!!!!

Tonight I practiced panning on Terns, panning on Harrier Hawks, angle of view with shore birds, etc., etc.

And then I followed around a particular Killdeer.  Man they are fun to watch.  They always move in hyper speed.  Walking and flying.  Tonight I realized I have never really captured a Killdeer eating.  Usually what they are ingesting is so small I haven’t noticed what it is.  Very small bugs, critters, etc. I would suspect.  I lucked out again when I noticed this guy tugging at the yellow/green moss.  He really was putting all his muscle into this snack.  Eventually up through the moss popped this….BUG?  Not sure what it is (was). I’m sure it was like the full buffet all in one package.  King sized!    It sure was fun to capture and record one of these cute birds dining!

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Jun 032012

Main street in Bountiful, Utah is taking on a bit of a new life.  New buildings, apartments, retail space, and a brand new bank.   Looks nice from the road.  Look close.  Especially at the drinking fountains……

Yikes!  Not sure I will drink out of these anytime too soon.

A couple of weeks ago a sidewalk chalk-art festival was held.   Seen it before.  Some real talent is put onto the sidewalks.  I found that if I go back at least a week later and maybe even one rainstorm later the chalk-art is surreal.  I walked it today and photographed many art pieces.  And as I expected it was beautiful.  I like it better in the worn state than fresh and new…

This one is my favorite.  It is right in front of the Post Office on Main Street.


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