Jul 172012

A little over a year ago I was privileged to attend one of the many Photography workshops put on by Moose Peterson and Joe McNally.  It was my third attendance at the workshops and the opportunity to blend with these world class photographic professionals.  These workshops and some other one-on-one meetings with them has made these gentlemen photographic heroes to me.   I follow their blogs.  I Read their books and look for any and all opportunities to sit at/in their teaching workshops.

Back at the workshop just over a year ago Joe McNally pulled me out of the group as a model for an impromptu single light seminar.  Yikes!  Joe McNally photographing me?!!!!!!!  1. why?  2. I better dang sure get copies of the photos for my posterity and bragging rights!   After some gentle prodding Mr. McNally gave me a jump drive with a folder “Jim” on it.  I copied it to my external drive.  Tonight I was looking at that particular drive to free up some space.   Just before moving the copied file “Jim” to trash I realized what the file was!   Man, I about dumped a photographic legends capture of this amateur photographic, Joe McNally groupie!  That would be me………

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