Jul 222012

We made it to Skykomish, Washington!

My Daughter and son-in-law have been here for a couple of weeks.  They are renting a home (cabin) in this beautiful canyon in Washington.  This place and the drive here is a PHOTOGRAPHERS CANDY STORE.  Green everywhere, old barns, unique structures and waterfalls galore.   I want to stay longer…..(looking into that right now).  The first day We were scooted out to see the first water fall.  Deception Falls.


The day was a bit overcast which made for easy exposures.  The problem is that I was shooting with my D800.  The files are monstrous!  I have had to shrink them way down.  After several attempts to download I finally found the best size.


Downstream from the falls was the more serene beauty of the trees, rocks and river….


Driving up and down the canyon there was so many photo opportunities that I was going crazy wanting to stop every few miles.  We drove in two cars.  Every time I stopped they had to wait.  Still had time time to stop a couple of times…



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  1. These photos get me excited to go back to Washington!

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