Jul 222012

We made it to Skykomish, Washington!

My Daughter and son-in-law have been here for a couple of weeks.  They are renting a home (cabin) in this beautiful canyon in Washington.  This place and the drive here is a PHOTOGRAPHERS CANDY STORE.  Green everywhere, old barns, unique structures and waterfalls galore.   I want to stay longer…..(looking into that right now).  The first day We were scooted out to see the first water fall.  Deception Falls.


The day was a bit overcast which made for easy exposures.  The problem is that I was shooting with my D800.  The files are monstrous!  I have had to shrink them way down.  After several attempts to download I finally found the best size.


Downstream from the falls was the more serene beauty of the trees, rocks and river….


Driving up and down the canyon there was so many photo opportunities that I was going crazy wanting to stop every few miles.  We drove in two cars.  Every time I stopped they had to wait.  Still had time time to stop a couple of times…



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Jul 172012

A little over a year ago I was privileged to attend one of the many Photography workshops put on by Moose Peterson and Joe McNally.  It was my third attendance at the workshops and the opportunity to blend with these world class photographic professionals.  These workshops and some other one-on-one meetings with them has made these gentlemen photographic heroes to me.   I follow their blogs.  I Read their books and look for any and all opportunities to sit at/in their teaching workshops.

Back at the workshop just over a year ago Joe McNally pulled me out of the group as a model for an impromptu single light seminar.  Yikes!  Joe McNally photographing me?!!!!!!!  1. why?  2. I better dang sure get copies of the photos for my posterity and bragging rights!   After some gentle prodding Mr. McNally gave me a jump drive with a folder “Jim” on it.  I copied it to my external drive.  Tonight I was looking at that particular drive to free up some space.   Just before moving the copied file “Jim” to trash I realized what the file was!   Man, I about dumped a photographic legends capture of this amateur photographic, Joe McNally groupie!  That would be me………

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Jul 162012

A helicopter crashed at the WX airport today.  So far it has been reported that there was no injuries.  Thank goodness!  Happened to be coming back from lunch and saw all the lights and attention at the airport.  Stopped and put on the 200-400 lens with a 2x teleconverter and captured the crash. They have helicopter pilot classes at the WX airport.  It is real common to see these real small 2 seaters flying around the airport.

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Jul 152012

I take thousands of photographs at parades.  I love parades.  All the weird, cool, unusual, funny, entertaining and exciting things happen at parades.  Every year in WB we have a parade.  WB is a very small town about 6000 people.  It’s a small town parade.  Not completely organized……


There is the weird.  Like Santa driving in a mobilized recliner?????????


The best for me this year was this beautiful young lady that was voted as the WB City’s outstanding youth.  Probably made her day.  Made mine for sure.  Yes it brought a tear or two.  It’s OK I was hiding behind the camera.

Parades are about getting together with neighbors and friends.  Laughing and sharing.  Just relaxing with nothing to do but watch.  And photograph!

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Jul 152012

Is there something about aging that draws you closer to beautiful things like flowers?

30 years ago you would never hear me say “isn’t that flower beautiful!’  But now…..

We have (or I should say my wife) has planted tons of flowering plants, climbers, shrubs, pine, etc., etc.  My yard is beautiful.  So this afternoon I thought it was time to capture a few of them.  Of course I played with NIK filters and Photoframe.  Way to fun to just mess around on the computer today.






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Jul 142012

My most difficult subject to find and capture in pixel form.

Thursday I received a call from a gentleman that introduced himself as an attorney.  Holy Crap!  Have you ever wondered why even with a clear conscience a call from an attorney inspires fear and self doubt.  Immediately he identified himself as an attorney for my employer.  And that he had a photographic question for me.  Ok.  I hope he has about an hour.  Get me talking about photography and there is no end to my enthusiasm.   In no time I met my match.  Though I had never met him before we were soul photography mates.  He loves wildlife photography.  Ok now we really clicked.  His question revolved around a purchase decision between two long lenses by Nikon.  Anybody that knows me knows that I have an opinion about everything.  Especially photography.  Quickly I poured out my photographic souls as to why one of the two lenses was the better choice.    Then we started to talk about photography in general.  And he mentioned he shoots Owls.  My bird nemesis.  Owls avoid me like the winning lottery.  With enthusiasm he mapped out several locations where I MAY find owls.  There was a slight caveat…. he had not been to the locations for a month or two.

Let’s see Thursday morning, Antelope island was one of the locations, it was going to be a very long day waiting to get out there and check out the sites.  Went out late and was skunked.  Went out very early Friday morning and was skunked again.  Went back Friday afternoon.  At the ranch on the island a volunteer worker said they had a barn owl in the Silo at the Ranch.  Christmas!  My heart was racing.  No owl at the silo.  Only an hour earlier a group was watching it.  My money says the spooked it out.  Oh well.  I’ll keep looking.

At the island there is an opportunity to always shoot buffalo. pronghorn, birds of all kinds and other critters.  In an hours time before I had to get home I found these friends and capture them so my time there wasn’t a waste…..





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Jul 102012

I follow Moose Peterson’s Blog pretty religiously.  He is one of the few professionals that blogs multiple times a day.  And almost always he is helping the blog reader.   We have one thing in common.  We love to photograph clouds.  Though I don’t post many, my camera is aimed at clouds a lot.  Last week we flew in our jet to look at sites in a new area.  Late that day as we headed back home the cloud configurations were just spectacular.  Photographing through a window does not always provide the best results photographically.  I couldn’t pass on blogging these beauties!  Believe me I was glad my pilot averted the center of  these.  Better where we were looking back and getting some captures of this incredible site.

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