Aug 102012

Today I flew into Reno Nevada then drove up to Winnemucca, Nevada.  Just west of town is some sand dunes that I knew would be ready for me to get some PIC’s.  Today I wanted to test the D-800 more.  Get the details if you will.  I am thrilled with the resolution of the D-800.  It’s been a while since I have had a crazy story to tell while photographing.  With the dunes covered with wind created designs I thought of a great idea.  Take my shoes off and walk across the dunes and photograph bare footprints in the sand.  It turned out ok.  I put my shoes back on without  socks.  I figured no big deal.  Almost immediately something started to sting my right foot.  I looked down and noticed a ton of fire ants all over the place.  Ripping my shoe off I found ants all over my right foot.  My foot has been in quite a bit of pain all night.  Oh well.  It was fun getting the shot!



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