Sep 182012


Time to think about nothing.

I found myself about 15 miles from the job site.  Lake Tahoe.  Just a short drive over the mountain from work.  This trip I carried a ton of baggage.  All in my head.  It’s been crazy stressful.  For a while I have been living moment to moment.  Looking in all directions for something to look forward to.  In actuality there is lots to look forward to. Stress is blinders to a positive look at life.  At Tahoe I found a Lifeguard chair.  What a wonderful hour or so.  I just sat and watched the water, trees, and my natural surroundings.  Everything slowed down.  From my heart rate to my stress.  Wonderful!

I could not decide if I liked the color post or black and white.


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  1. Both! I love both…I think the I like the color a bit more because I see the sun and the shadows on the rocks better. 🙂 LUFF

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