Sep 282012

It just goes way too FAST!!!!!!!

I have really enjoyed my time in Yellowstone these past few days.  Like I mentioned before I found my self wanting to improve a photographic weak point of mine.  Many times I found myself at places where I have never been in Yellowstone or maybe only once before.

Everything took on a different look.  I traveled less looking for wild life and planned my shots by location and time of day.  All the shots have a story behind them.  This one I paid a messy price to get it.  It was at Mammoth.  Climbing to the site I fell in a very soft area to my thighs.  The worst part was the incredibly strong smell that was in the “Muck” I was stuck in.  Chocking the rest of the way up I eventually took the shots.  Stayed up very, very late washing my clothes, shoes and photography vest.

Up on Mnt. Washburn just past Dunraven Pass is an area that was decimated by the fires in the 80’s.   A huge number of dead trees still stand as a reminder.

Today I took my own challenge.  It’s been years since I took the climb down Uncle Tom’s Trail.  At the trail head there is a sign talking about the very steep grades, three hundred plus steps, and is VERY STRENUOUS!  The sign said take a lot of rests coming back up.  I saved this effort for the last day.  Knowing my legs would turn to rubber I wanted to make this trek last.  Boy was it worth it.  At the bottom I met a very nice gentlemen from Germany that shared a great passion for photography.  Soon I was helping him with the exposure of the scene to cover the wide dynamic range.  He brought down a 24-70 zoom and was disappointed that he couldn’t get the whole falls in one frame.  I offered to let him shoot with his camera and use my 16-35mm lens.  You’d think I just gave him my life savings.  We worked together and made sure he left with a fun and accurate capture.  He was very grateful.  I was honored to meet him.  Look very, very close at the top of the falls.  You can see people standing at the brim of the falls.  Gives you an idea of the size of the falls  From the bottom of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.




I ended up in Hayden Valley before heading back towards West Yellowstone.   It brings it all together with what we in photography call “God Beams”.  And off course my daily Black and White capture.


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