Sep 182012


Time to think about nothing.

I found myself about 15 miles from the job site.  Lake Tahoe.  Just a short drive over the mountain from work.  This trip I carried a ton of baggage.  All in my head.  It’s been crazy stressful.  For a while I have been living moment to moment.  Looking in all directions for something to look forward to.  In actuality there is lots to look forward to. Stress is blinders to a positive look at life.  At Tahoe I found a Lifeguard chair.  What a wonderful hour or so.  I just sat and watched the water, trees, and my natural surroundings.  Everything slowed down.  From my heart rate to my stress.  Wonderful!

I could not decide if I liked the color post or black and white.


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Sep 162012

Life is Crazy.

These past few weeks have been beyond insane.  And without my photo time I may be going NUTS!  Too much to tell.  Too much poor me.  But!!!  I did get about an hour last week to run out to the Island and catch a few pixels of a pair of Great Horned Owls.  Fun!

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Sep 022012

Last night we had the opportunity to go and see Sugarland in Concert.  If you anything about me you know I love music.  Especially from Jennifer Nettles vocal cords.  She is awesome!!!!!!  The rule of the concert was no professional cameras!  What?????  SO I took my point and shoot and my D4.  Hey I am technically not a professional so my camera can’t be either!   At one point I found myself arguing with the USANA staff that my D4 was a point and shoot.  They backed off for a bit.  Really?  What am I going to do with Sugarland pic’s besides hanging them everywhere I reside…….

It rained a lot last night but the show went on!









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Sep 012012

I finally got my D4 and 600mm back from Nikon!

Wasn’t cheap to get the work done.  Last night I had my first few minutes in weeks to get out and shoot.  A big storm was heading across the Great Salt Lake.  Grabbed the photo bag with all three cameras and most lenses, the 600 and tripods and headed out!  From FBBR I drove out to antelope island and found 5 big bucks.  Took a lot of photo’s.  To my dismay when I got home I couldn’t download the images from the XQD card in my D4.  I have tried everything!  Man this is frustrating.  The bucks looked great through the lens and on the viewer on the D4.  When at FBBR I shot the clouds and landscape with the D800.  Incredibly  sharp images!  I love it….

Stay tuned  to see if I can pull the images from the card!  They may be OK!

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