Oct 162012

And you thought a D8H is some sort of Camera!

As a very young man my Dad taught me how to run heavy equipment.  An old Caterpillar D8H just like this one is what I trained on.  Believe me I was very young driving this “Cat” that at the time was a huge piece of equipment.  No hydraulics just cables that lifted the big blade.  No torque converter!  A direct drive transmission with a clutch, individual track clutch releases, and individual track brakes.  I remember well, standing by Dad, on the Cat watching his operating prowess with my heart beating faster than I had ever experienced.  Scared out of my mind not because of the huge piece of equipment but rather that I did not want to let my Dad down.  We were in a huge field that we had recently put in a sewer line.  The objective for me was to bury the trenches so that we could then jet the trenches.  Without driving the Cat into the open trench.   Dad was not a micro manager.  He stood next to me as I backed up and pushed a little bit of dirt.  I remember his voice raised a few times as I slipped the clutch ( a no no).  He grabbed the controls a few times and saved us both from disaster.  Before long I was watching my Dad drive away in the old yellow chevrolet truck.   Leaving me with one of his biggest investments and lunch.  I was king for a day.  I don’t know how long I ran the Cat.  It was almost dark when Dad came back.  It seemed like only a few minutes.  What I do remember the very most that day…Dad saying

“Great job son!”

And my life as a ditch digger started.  Taught by my hero.  My DAD!

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  1. I remember that Cat well. It was frequently parked in the lot east of the house. I recall sitting on the seat, gripping the handles, awestruck by the magnitude of the machine. How I wished I could drive it. You had the best toys.

  2. Hi dear,
    If it is possible could you please send me orginal picture for this D8H

    Thank you for in advance.

    Best Regards

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