Oct 242012

Every year I see this big beautiful edifice on the mountainside in Bountiful and say I will photograph it with fall colors.

Never did it.

Tonight at 5:45 I finally found a spot unobstructed by houses, power-lines, street lights and the like.  I was at least a mile away.  Had to use the longest lens I have.  Nikons 600mm f/4 lens.  Standing on the soccer fields at the Bountiful Recreation Center I captured this shot.  A little contrasty.  But OK

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  One Response to “Bountiful LDS Temple – 600mm Lens”

  1. Dear Mr. Child.

    Do you have this photograph of the Bountiful temple for sale in a framable format? My son also played soccer on the rec field and I tried to take this photo with a cheap camera and, of course, didn’t get the result you did. It is wonderful!

    I am looking for a size photo around 8X12″ .

    Thank you,
    Nancy Allred

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