Oct 312012

In Nevada near Carson are wild horses.  Not sure if they are generations of horses left from the cowboys and miners of old.  One thing is sure.  They are not easy to find.  And they are shy.  For the most part just don’t like two legged fat guys carrying a camera I guess.

Not being an expert I wonder about their condition.  Look at the mare.  I think the lady horse is called a mare.  She is the all black horse with what looks like sway back and her ribs are showing.

Look close at what I am pretty sure is her offspring.  Not sure what baby horses are called.  It may be more than a baby.  But I bet not more than a year old.

The younger ones of this group of four wild horses stay close together.  And close to the Mare (Mom).


Then there is DAD!



Father Horse?

All I know is that he was not happy with me.  Was I really a challenge for him?  He was all over the place.  Often to stop and see if I was impressed.  Little did he know I am scared to death of horses.  All he had to do was take one step towards me and I would have ran to the car screaming like a little girl!

I think he’s awesome looking.  Grundgy yet strong.  ((Did man get the idea for dreadlocks from horses?)




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  3 Responses to “Ms. “Mel” this ones for You!”

  1. Horses are beautiful creatures…..but alas, I too am scared of them. Now I know where I get it from. 😛

  2. Jim,
    I really like these pictures of the wild horses, very impressive animals. Reminds me of the kids animated show I watched a bizzilion times with my kids, Spirit. Also, the momma is not un healthy, she’s just ripped and in shape:)

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