Nov 022012

I am getting old.

OK 57 isn’t that old.

On my overnight trips I have been cutting back on the QUANTITY of camera gear I carry.  One body, a lens or two, and a couple filters.  And a tripod.  Except yesterday to my trip to Spokane Washington.  I forgot my tripod.  Guys like Moose Peterson are constantly bragging about their handholding prowess.  Not me.  I especially need the tripod when shooting a little longer exposures like when I am shooting water.

Here’s  the test.  The next few shots I hand held.  Next week when I go back I will shoot again with a tripod.  Obviously the leaves and color may be gone.  We’ll see what happens.



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  1. Dad, you’re not old!! You’re experienced! 😉
    Great pictures dad!

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