Nov 062012

It’s been a very long day.

Toughest store opening thus far in 14 years.  Stress to the max.

And now as I watch TV and see that our current President is re-elected my day has ended at an all time low.  I have no religious or moral argument as to my feelings as to why he should not be President.  I have done my own homework.  I think I know the facts as to the condition of the country.  I have self determined a failing grade for this President.  My honest opinion is that the country is in big trouble.  I hope that people like myself will look ahead and do everything to make the best of what we will face as a result of this election.  And that people who feel like I do will keep calm and support the office of the president.   Support the Constitution and work hard to keep our values as they are!

Late tonight I was at the Spokane Falls with hopeful thoughts as to the outcome of the election.  A cool night.  A beautiful view.  I was by myself.  It definitely was a few minutes of peace.  May go back…..

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  1. Dad!! I’m sorry you’re so stressed! I wish I could help you some how! 🙁 Love ya!

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