Nov 192012

This last weekend I had a real treat.  A long time friend stopped by.  It was a blast to get caught up.  Talked about grandkids, family, work, politics, travel, etc.  It reminded me how precious friendships are.  How long good ones can last.  Of course we hit on photography.  Eventually it’s the topic I go to.  He’s the smartest guy I know so of course he talked about the math of digital photography.  In the back of my mind I am just thinking about how good he must be.

One of the more simple exposures is a reflections.  But it is also one of the hardest to compose.  My friend was very complimentary of my work.  But I reminded him it’s a numbers game.  If you take enough photographs eventually a good one will come out.  The important thing is that you understand the mechanics (operation) of the camera.  Then apply some composition rules.  And eventually have your look and finish.  With reflections especially of water it is always important to have depth in the photograph.  A way to get to the back.  If you will.

Here is a color and black and white example of reflections.  This shot was taken from Antelope Island looking north.

Photograph is taken with a D800, 28-300 lens and a Nikon circular polarizer. Second photo is the same ran through Silver Efex Pro2 in post.


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  1. You’re the best. Good to see you…

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