Nov 032012

One of the few bodies of water at Farmington that are away from hunters will at times be a resting and feeding place for birds.  Though I literally have thousands of photographs of the Blue Heron I still enjoy a new capture!  Tonight this Heron was fishing.  I watched with anticipation of capturing another fish-in-mouth photograph.  There was no other birds on this piece of water.  He was alone.  Then I realized that I don’t really have a photograph with graphic color reflections and a Heron in his beautiful environment.  Most all my pics of Herons are of them hunting or eating.  Usually a close crop of the bird.   Through the finder the subject became the Heron and his environment not just the bird.

Time to capture.


Two sides of this body of water are adjacent to an access road.  The sun was low in the sky in the photograph above and below.  Both shots were taken within 5 minutes of each other.  The difference is the angle of the sun in the photograph and where I was photographing in relation to the sun and the bird..  Quite a stark difference from the photograph above.  The light plays games with the exposure, white balance and the reflections are compounded by the direction of the sun.  What would make the photograph below exceptional would be if I could have been at water level.  Though the water really defines the “place” of the bird.  It is somewhat distracting.  Especially since the wind was blowing a little.

Another view of the same subject is always in order.

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Nov 032012

Tried a little Artsy Fartsy tonight.

Near the Farmington refuge is a farm that raises and sells pumpkins every year.  I think to help hide the field prior to the big sale the farmer plants multiple rows of large sunflowers.  It seems wierd but why else would he plant the sunflowers?  They are not harvested.  The dead sunflowers with the pumpkins in the field made for some interesting color and contrast.



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Nov 022012

I am getting old.

OK 57 isn’t that old.

On my overnight trips I have been cutting back on the QUANTITY of camera gear I carry.  One body, a lens or two, and a couple filters.  And a tripod.  Except yesterday to my trip to Spokane Washington.  I forgot my tripod.  Guys like Moose Peterson are constantly bragging about their handholding prowess.  Not me.  I especially need the tripod when shooting a little longer exposures like when I am shooting water.

Here’s  the test.  The next few shots I hand held.  Next week when I go back I will shoot again with a tripod.  Obviously the leaves and color may be gone.  We’ll see what happens.



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