Dec 092012

I am in between eye surgeries.

Fixed one this last week and fix the other in two weeks.

Have you ever thought about what a blessed day we live.  I went into a room to have my God made lens in my eye removed and replaced with a man made lens!  All in about 15 minutes!  Pretty cool……Unless you are diagnosed with severe claustrophobia and Panic Disorder.  It’s a couple of my “ism’s”.   Ok so picture this. In a surgical center.  Behind closed doors.  Laying down.  With a tool digging out the old lens in my eye and being told DON’T MOVE?  Really?

Now my vision is all askew.  And the doc threatened me to NOT rub my eye or look through any kind of viewfinder.  Too much risk of pushing on the eye!  I have discovered again that my photography passion is much like a caffeine, or drug addition.  In a good way.  I love the adventure of seeking “that” shot.  And really love getting back home and bringing the photo’s up on my Apple 30″ cinema and my 24″ Cintiq.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  Hey my lens are all autofocus now.  I can point and shoot and hope?  Even use live view if I needed.  So I did….


I looked for texture color,

Composition being a key to most photography


Shape and Textures


I found this mural behind the 31 flavors store.  My bet is that it has been there for years.  Never noticed it until yesterday


It always requires a little thought when shooting reflective or very light colors against white.


Lighting made this shot.  Pulled up and noticed the effect of the headlights and had to record this one.

I will be so glad when I can put my eye to the camera.  See the whole scene.  Examine the focus.  By the end of the month (still God willing) I will have 20-20 vision again.

Can’t Wait!!!!

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