Dec 132012

In am a little rushed with this post.  My plane boards in about 10 minutes.

I am in Gillette, Wyoming.  December in Gillette. Holy icicles BATMAN!  The wind blows constantly.  Super cold.  The ground frost level drops inches to feet every night.  The deadline for the opening will not change.  Regardless of temps and weather conditions.  Who runs a project like this?  Mr. Hall.  This man is makes Clint Eastwood look like a Sesame Street character.  He’s tougher than the space shuttle skin.  He uses language that at times I don’t really understand .  A tiny bit rough around the edges.  A biker with more miles on a Harley than A flight to mars.

To say I like this old, sneering, cussing, big teddy bear is an understatement.  We have a pretty good understanding.  He complains in his low almost imperceptible raspy voice. I listen.

He is good at what he does. As good as anyone.  There are several people of his same title that I look to and enjoy working with.  But only Mr. Hall makes me smile for a few days after our visits.

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  4 Responses to “The MAN”

  1. I love this man too. Sanford led me to your site. Thank you for sharing your passion. Your insight and photos are inspiring.

    Get in line cause We love him too! Lol
    Miss ya, Sanford 😉

  3. That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for coniirbuttng.

  4. OMGosh I’ve already watcehd this baby 10 times already!?!?What a little world of wonder, just adorable.I’d name him (her) . ummmm . Target !!!Thx for sharing this, Anderson but this little one will grow,as I’m sure you are well aware be careful!

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