Dec 212012

The cataracts are GONE!

New lenses in place and can almost see perfectly.  The doctor told me at about arms length the vision may be a little blurry.  I’ll take it.  No more glasses.  It’s great.  The only hick up is my computer screen is almost exactly arms length away.  I am Ok with that.  I download files, watch Les Miserable, and the like on the big screen at arms length.  Up close and personal is my big Wacom.  It sits right at the edge of the desk and provides me with great sharpness even still without glasses.

Tonight I had to get out and photograph something!  ANYTHING!  I went to my dependable spot in Farmington.  Holy cow I was not disappointed.  Found this incredibly colorful and beautiful pheasant. Did I mention that everything is a little brighter and more colorful without the cataracts?   I sat for quite a while hoping it would come to me.  I knew that if I approached it he would be gone in seconds.  Again I lucked out.  As you can see there was very little precious light left.  Right as he hit the ray of light the capturing started.  Got a couple of fun shots.  Man it was so fun to be out, see again and capture God’s beauty!!!!!!

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