Dec 252012


What is Christmas to someone in the late stages of Alzheimer’s?   Probably nothing.  Except family and friends around to brings smiles.  And relieve loneliness.  I spend time at the local care facility.  Talking to mom.  And listening.    Not much of what I hear makes sense any more.  Though I can tell that Mom enjoys the company.  Yesterday an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  and his family visited the care center.  The family performed a live nativity scene.  It was wonderful and beautiful.  Afterward, the Apostle Henry B. Eyring went throughout the room and shook every hand of every resident in the room.  When he shook my mothers hand I had an opportunity to photograph two people together.  An Apostle that loves and cares about my Mom.  The other person in the photograph- the nurse who cares for and loves my mom!  I will always treasure this photograph.

Probably the best gift I received for Christmas this year is another chance to capture an image of my beautiful Mom.  Because of the charity and selflessness of the Eyrings my mother was alert and awake.  Her eyes sparkled for a few minutes. She smiled.  No better gift.  Alzheimer’s is an unpredictable disease.  My Dad died from complications due to this terrible disease.  This may be one of or maybe the last time I get such a great capture of an 85 year old, dear, grand lady looking so beautiful.  My Mom!


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