Dec 302012

Went back yesterday and found my little friend again.

A Short Eared Owl.

In fact he tends to perch on the exact same cattail often.  The only problem is that in as many days as I have seen the Owl the word is out!  Cars everywhere.  Photographers out in numbers.  I still had a slight advantage.  I sat and waited at this particular spot.  Soon enough he came back several times. The crowds followed him up and the down the dikes in their cars like lemurs. I just sat and anticipated his approach.  A little secret….SHHHH….just below the cat tail in the deep rush is where he goes to eat his captures.  A nest?  Seclusion?  I’m not sure.  But I am definitely ahead of the pack.  If you compare the photographs form Friday you’ll note in the left bottom corner the bent cattail.   That’s how I first noticed he was landing in the same place.  Then I watched as he would fly low with a snack and stop on the lake side (out of view) of the deep rush.  What a beautiful animal.

Here are two photographs of the Owl on the cat tail.  One is slightly out of focus.  But I like it enough to share.


By the way.  I had another incredible find last night…..stay-in-touch……..

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