Jan 202013

I’m telling you it has been a crazy month so far!

Work has been insane.  I have spent more time with attorney’s than I would like.  Way more time.  A few minutes is too much with an attorney.  Good people. I like them and have great respect for their knowledge and persistence.  Man do they see the world differently than the rest of us folks.  And I think the term “Micro Manage”  is latin for attorney.  Holy crap!  If the world was ran by attorneys nothing would get done.

Enough with the attorney comments.

These last few weeks being so stressed has caused me to spend extra time at Farmington.  It’s my escape time to meditate and get the voices out of my head.  I am amazed at the photo opportunities while there in the morning and in the evening. I found that there are actually two Barn Owls spending a lot of time hunting on the dikes.  The pheasants are out in numbers.  And I captured a new friend.

The Crested Night Heron.

Yesterday I photographed an adult at the shoreline waiting for a fishing moment.  Last week my day was complete after photographing a juvenile Crested Night Heron.  It was one of those evenings when I think “That was way too fun!”

This is the adult Crested Night Heron I photographed yesterday.

A beautiful bird.  Typical like most adult animals they are somewhat more methodical and focused in their movements.  As opposed to the juvenile Heron…

I spent about an hour with this juvenile and was laughing hilariously the whole time.  It truly was a lesson in self taught fishing with all it’s (missed) givings.  The juvenile would chase the fish as they passed down the river.

Most were chases not capture.  His inexperience was evident.  And humorous at the same time.

The best part was this youngster would catch a few fish that was too big to ingest.  The eyes are bigger than the stomach issue here.  Since these birds swallow the fish whole the eyes were bigger than the mouth.

 I mean really too big.

I must have shot several hundred frames of this juvenile.  Looking through all the captures takes me right back there.  Smile and all.  In the end this Crested Night Heron did catch a snack.  Even if it was by the tail.

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