Jan 212013

It is almost as good as the Cosby show.  Watching the Pied-Billed Grebes is real fun.  Tiny little critters than skim around and dive for fish.  Not really bashful.  They may allow close proximity as long as you stay in your car.  The best show is when a lucky Grebe brings up a fish.  The fish being just a bit to large to swallow quickly.  It takes some time and effort to get get down.


As usual there is always that pain in the neck, selfish Grebe.  The Grebe will steal for himself.


One sure way to insure the fish cannot be swallowed is or the Grebe thief to do the famous GREBE choke hold on the Grebe with a mouthful of fish.


With some endurance and a little size advantage the lucky grebe eventually swallowed the fish.

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  1. Amazing captures and blog here! I initially noticed your “Grebe Fight vs Fish” shot. That looks like a huge (do you know what kind?) fish staring down its captor’s throat!

    So the bird was really able to win the bird struggle struggle and gulp down that big fish okay?? Does the prey put up a good fight, if eaten, does the unlucky fish get swallowed wriggling/alive all the way as well?!


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