Jan 212013


As mentioned I discovered that there are two hunting Barn Owls.  Twice the fun. Twice the opportunities.  At this particular instant one of the Owls dove into the snow.  It’s amazing if you think about it.  The Owl flies back and forth above the snow at the lowest 8-10 ten.  He must hear the mouse under the snow.  He can’t see them.  In less than a second the Owl goes from gliding to head first in the snow.  Crazy but really cool.  Or in this case really cold.

As luck would have it this week I had my camera at a low angle about 80′ from the Owl neck deep in snow.  At his feet his snack.  The problem…getting the snack out of the snow and airborne.


He made several attempts to get the mouse from his feet to mouth.  What seemed like coming up for air he would raise his head quickly and look around.  Yep the fat guy with the camera is still far enough away is what he was probably thinking.


A few times he would look right at me.  Was he thinking – help me big fella?  He seemed to trust me a little.  I was out of the car.  Hand holding my 600mm lens while on my knees.  Gives new meaning to freezing cold.  I was shaking like a liberal at a gun rally.  Oh whoops sorry.  Slipped in an editorial joke.


The next photograph is the only photograph I have of this beautiful Owl that is a profile.  A profile showing a little more detail in the beak and facial hairs.  It also shows the radar shaped face.  Note again the catch light in his eye.  Gives him LIFE.


Eventually he was successful at bringing up the mouse.  One of his snacks for the day.


Like a whisper and as quick as a blink he was airborne.  Off to gobble up the meal of choice for the day.  What a beautiful late day experience.  LOVED IT!!!!!


My next post is some photographs of the Owl that I was very fortunate to get of him flying right at me. Lots of fun.  Check back……

Black and White teaser…..

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  1. Your stuff just gets better and better. Maybe it’s the new eyes.


  2. Thanks OF

  3. The black and white one!!

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