Jan 242013

Have you ever met one of those guys that has a few more electric connections in that space between our ears.

You know – the guy that when he talks you have to record his conversation so you can play it back in slow motion to understand.  And look up in the dictionary all the acronyms used.  Your thinking NERD right?   Nope not this guy.  He’s even more special.  He probably wrote a book called the The details of living matter in the space of a scientific area and the characteristics and relationships of the matter therein.  

The crazy part is that he is normal.  Beautiful wife and children. He lives in a house and not a man-cave within a garage somewhere.  He loves the outdoors.  Snowmobiling is a passion.

And he loves science projects.

How lucky are his kids?  He loves them too (maybe a little more than science).  I remember the biggest party at our house was when our kids graduated and we heralded a dawn of new day without science projects.    Mr. H. lights up when explains and shows the details of the project.  He’s a great guy.  HIs kids are lucky.  Nothings better than sharing thrills with your little ones.

He asked me to take a few photographs for the project.  Thirty minutes or so later we had about 1000.

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