Jan 262013

A long time ago I remember sledding down my street with no snow on the street.  We had plastic saucers that we sat on and sped down 2200 at a clip that could have broken bones.  On asphalt.  Covered with ice.  About a quarter inch thick.  The saucer would spin around and around.  Often we would find ourselves flying backwards heading for a car, curb or wall.  It was a blast.

Last week we had the same weather phenomenon.   Crazy slick everywhere.  Schools closed.  The usual 5 minute drive to work turned into 45 minutes.  After work my work MOM called and said I had to grab my camera and get out quickly.  She described the ice over the snow as spectacular.  Soon I was out driving everywhere looking for a photographic opportunity.  I really wanted to have a record of this event.  My eyes saw all kinds of beautiful scenes.  I just couldn’t frame them is a way that was pleasing. It was dark and late.  To capture the high gloss scene there needed to be light source.  Eventually I decided to frame a building with the white frosting.  I found this to be a very difficult assignment.  T bring attention to the extremely unique features of ice over snow was proving to be very daunting.  I tried a few shots with just a reflection over the snow.  It was interesting.  There was no perspective.  Finding an interesting building with enough snow and not to many specular lights was a problem.  I gave up.  Yep.  Not usual for me.  It was cold and the driving was treacherous.  I realized that I needed some cash for a trip the following day.  Off to the ATM.  As I turned the corner around the bank I about crashed.  What I had been looking for all night was right in front of me.  Not perfection.  But did the job.  I now have a capture of one aspect of this crazy day!

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