Feb 092013


Too much information.  What needs to be said and what doesn’t.  Especially on a photo blog….

My wife says I say too much all the time.  Oh Well.

Crazy week!  Surgery last Friday.  On the road wednesday.  Fly into Portland.  Drive 4 hours to Milton Freewater.  Yes its a city and the water is not free.  Then for the next 6 to 8 hours hours I laid in an emergency room in Kennewick Washington.   My leg was killing me so In called my surgeon.  All I remember was blood clot and get to the hospital.  When the surgeons nurse says that you follow orders. Yep I have blood clots.  Something to do with the surgery.  A risk when having surgery I guess.  More risk that the surgeon exploring around on my insides?  Well at least they aren’t DEEP THROMBOSIS (blood clots).  I have shallow Thrombosis.  Thats a good thing according to the ER Doc.

So he said for my drive back to Portland I needed to stop no less than every 30 minutes and get out and walk around.  First doctors orders I ever had to stop every 30 minutes and take pictures.  Oh, I obliged.  Except for the leg pain never had so much fun.  The Gorge has a ton of water falls.  As the doctor ordered I explored a few.

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  1. Love your attitude! I’m so glad that something good came out of something that could have been bad. It’s great to actually have an excuse for stopping every half hour or so to take pictures. And, yours are always superb!

  2. This one!!

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