Feb 122013

I have seen and photographed most of the falls along the lower Columbia River Gorge.  This last trip I wanted to see things a little different.   Stretch my imagination a little.  Most the falls drop off and fall to a pool then cascade down a rock filled path.   That being the most common photo.  As I stopped at the various falls I realized that there is another aspect to these particular falls that I needed to capture.  But how do I do it and still have the falls as the subject.  All the trees and rocks around the falls are covered in moss and green plants.  I walked this particular water fall and spent some time looking around for a way to keep a simple photograph  but include the two elements I was seeing at all the falls.  It was a real challenge for me.  I look for simplicity in a photograph.  And always want to keep depth somehow if possible.  This is the best I could this trip.  I do love the colors….

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