Feb 132013

Today I am reminded of the how unfair the world is.

I have a friend that is a good man.  A businessman that is fair in all his dealings.  Extends himself for his clients more than most all business owners.  I’ve personally seen him take steps to do right. Fair and just is his creed.

Today he lost because of who he is.

He is a good man.

Challenged by a tyrant that takes advantage of people like my friend.  In the end even in defense the favor fell with the evil, tyrant man.  My friend will be OK.  I am probably more upset than he is.  I hate these type of injustices.

To evolve my mood to a better state of mind I went to my great escape.  This morning I spent a little time at the refuge.  Now there is tons of Bald Eagles.  Easily captured in camera.  Wish I could have stayed longer.  Tonight I escaped and blended a little more in photographs.

Played a little more than normal.


This one I ran through Topaz’s pencil filter.  Kinda cool!


This one I ran through Silver Efex Pro2 then I erased back the beak and claws

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  4 Responses to “INJUSTICE”

  1. This good man is my son. We are very proud of him for many reasons. You have captured and expressed the situation perfectly. Thank you. I am sure your mother is very proud of you too.

  2. Good people deserve good friends, and vice versa.

    Absolutely love the eagle landing photo.

    Be healthy,

  3. Awesome dad! I like when you mess around with the photos a bit, and make them all artsy fartsy! 😉

  4. Jim, fantastic images throughout this site. I especially like the birds and waterfowl. You catch some unique perspectives.

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