Feb 212013

I have not even thought about sunset shots for some time.


Last week a neighbor asked about how to take sunset pic’s.  One thing I emphasized to him is to all ways turn around and look behind.   Some of my favorite photographs are shots taken of subjects lit by the sunset.  I was reminded this at work today.  So out tonight until well after sunset.  The first clear night on west side in a long time.  With clouds on the east side of the valley over a snow covered range the potential for great sunset water reflections  were lining up!  And boy was there pay off.

I am not one to enhance colors.  I do at times kick up the sharpness 10%-15%.  Tonight was no exception.  I did however turn down just the blue saturation slightly.

This capture was taken with the D4, 600mm lens wide open, at 3200 ISO!   Thank you Nikon.  In ACR I turn up the noise filter slightly.   A unique shot of a Blue Heron.  Maybe one of a kind photo of a bird that there is millions of pics out there.


This fly-by photo was a little surprise.  I didn’t notice the water as I was panning and shooting the Blue Heron.  I have mixed feelings about the shot.  In some ways it gives a tiny bit of depth to the photo.  I would have liked it better if the Heron was a little higher above the water.  This was a gift and I was pleased to get it.


A couple of days ago I shot a very similar shot of a Pelican over white snow and white background.  This photo of the Heron was shot at 3200 ISO like the others.  It has a bit of a cartoon look to it because I ran it through Nik Define and turned the noise down.  The net result is a noticeable cartoon effect.

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