Feb 222013

Everybody wants the shot of the Hawk.  We all have one or two favorites of a Fly-By.  The chances of a hawk flying right at the photographer is slim to none.  So we look for “that” shot.  Tons of practice shooting seagulls or plentiful birds.  The key is to be ready.  Have the where-with-all to keep the bird in frame.  It’s not easy.  Luck really does play a part.  I photograph on days like yesterday cheating the camera a little compensating +.3.  Then in post I bring up shadow details slightly.  Too many adjustments creates a funky unnatural look.  In some cases like the following photograph I burn in some of the darker portions of the Hawk.  And dodge a few highlights.  In the end this particular photograph is one of my favorites of the hundreds of Hawk Fly-By’s in my files.

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